General FAQ

Our goal is to allow everyone to accelerate scientific and medical discoveries through study participation. ParticipAid is the largest open-access community where you can conveniently discover, enroll, and participate in research studies around you.
All studies posted on ParticipAid need research participants. ParticipAid requires researchers to only post studies that have been approved by local research ethics boards. Studies can differ in terms of what is involved: they may be online surveys, questionnaires, interviews, or clinical trials.
It’s free! You can discover, enroll, and participate in studies over PartcipAid!
You can track which studies you have participated in, be notified when new studies that match your interests are available, and have exclusive access to new features.
ParticipAid only stores the data you provide on the ParticipAid website or app. This information is used strictly to connect you to the studies you are interested in. Once you choose to enroll in a study, the researcher(s) may ask you for more information. The ParticipAid platform is not used to collect or store research data.
You can discover and request to be enrolled in studies directly on the ParticipAid portal. Once you request enrollment in a study, the researcher will be notified and provided with your contact information. The researcher will contact you via email or phone. At any point (even before requesting enrollment), you can ask the researcher any questions you may have via the ParticipAid app/portal.
Please do! Let others know how you have impacted scientific discovery and contributed to research you are passionate about. With the unique study link, you are able to share studies via email and across a range of social media platforms. The more you share, the more likely others will contribute to advancing scientific discovery. Share away!
Your participation in any research study is always completely voluntary. If you decide not to continue with a study then you can withdraw at any time.
For most of the studies posted on ParticipAid, successfully passing the eligibility questions signifies that you have met all the studies requirements. That said, there are some studies that will require you to answer additional questions or meet with the researcher before continuing with the study. In these cases, the researcher will let you know if additional eligibility questions are required. Remember! Your participation is completely voluntary and you can refuse any questions or decide to stop a study at any time.
No, none of your information will be shared with third-parties without your permission.
Compensation is set and distributed by the researcher conducting the study. ParticipAid allows you to view the presence and form of compensation on each study posting page. Please contact the researcher for addition details with regard to reimbursement methods. In some cases, local ethics boards prevent researchers from disclosing the compensation amount for a study; please inquire with the researcher of the corresponding study for more information.
ParticipAid is accessible through the web or iOS. You are able to find all your saved studies when you sign into your account. Android is coming soon!
Send us an email to feedback@participaid.co and we’ll make sure to respond to you within 24 hours.

Research FAQ

Research is used to bring new understandings and conclusions to the world. To do this, scientists use systematic approaches to describe, predict, or explain a particular phenomenon. To better understand the human condition and advance scientific inquiry, researchers require the public to participate in studies.
Anyone! Since most studies require a group of typically developing individuals to act as a control, you don’t need to have a medical condition to participate in research.
All information that is collected through ParticipAid is kept strictly confidential. Your participation in a research study is also kept confidential. Although researchers typical publish study findings, these reports will never include your name and your participation is kept anonymous.
Through your research participation, you could be helping scientists get one step closer to a cure or discovery that could change the lives of millions of individuals. For more information on the benefits of participating in a study, please refer to the study posting. Participating in studies may be associated certain risks. For more information, please contact the individual researcher or the study posting.
Informed consent is an acknowledgement that you understand the potential risks and benefits of the research study and that you are freely deciding to participate. During this process, the researcher will also provide you with information on the study and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
A clinical trial is conducted to determine whether a new treatment or therapy is safe and effective. Most medical treatments that are widely available have been tested in clinical trials in the past. For more information on clinical trials, please visit the link below: