Screening for Prostate Cancer

Informed Decision Making Intervention in Screening for Prostate Cancer of Predominantly African American Participants in a Community Outreach Program

This clinical trial studies an informed decision making intervention of screening for prostate cancer in predominantly African American participants. It also evaluates participants' knowledge about prostate cancer screening and to improve understanding. Using decision aids such as culturally sensitive written material, verbal information, and videos to educate patients about screening may increase patient participation and knowledge. This may increase confidence in participants' decisions. Raising awareness about prostate cancer in the communities may increase the participants' willingness to be screened for prostate cancer once they have learned about it.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Educational Intervention

Attend 10-20 minute PowerPoint presentation that will discuss prostate cancer facts, screening guidelines, risks, benefits, and consequences

Procedure - digital rectal examination

Undergo digital rectal exam by a licensed healthcare professional. The results of this exam will be subjective as per clinician; however, will be coded as normal or abnormal. This is considered standard of care for prostate cancer screening

Pre-test administration

15 questions which test participants' knowledge of prostate cancer according to ACS guidelines. Questions will be multiple choices and true/false/unsure answers

Survey Administration

Survey will be administered at the end of the program for participants to assess their experience

Prostate-specific antigen measurement

PSA levels will be drawn and run as per institutional Laboratory standards. Criteria for referral and follow up will be assessed as per National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines

Post test administration

Post test will include the same 15 questions as on the pretest to assess for improvement in knowledge and understanding

The Effectiveness of a Proposed Prostate Cancer Outreach Program in a Predominantly African American Community That Promotes Informed Decision-making for Prostate Cancer Screening and Utilizes Community Navigation