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The Effects of Head Trauma on Collegiate Athletes

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The Effects of Head Trauma on Collegiate Athletes

Recently, researchers and clinicians have examined many different forms of concussion testing aimed to assess if a brain injury has occurred and to what degree it affects the individual being tested. Due to the multifaceted and complex presentation of concussive injuries and the unknown effects of repeated head trauma, it is unlikely that a single test of physiological or behavioral function will reflect the full range of injury-related damages from a concussive event or from a series of cumulative head traumas, as well as the injury response within brain tissue. However, by combining a variety of objective assessments which may detect structural and functional alterations following head trauma into a single study, a clearer understanding of the multi-faceted presentation resulting from head trauma may be identified. The identification of biomarkers and the utilization of objective and clinically feasible tools will provide a method to assess three domains across multiple systems affected by head trauma: 1) the prognostic value of initial concussion assessments to identify injury severity and factors responsible for prolonged recovery, 2) the temporal window of recovery and potential vulnerability of brain tissue post-injury, and 3) the long-term alterations associated with repeated head trauma exposure.


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The Effects of Head Trauma on Biological Markers and Neurologic Function in Collegiate Athletes: a Prospective Investigation

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