Identifying and Managing of Sleep Disorders

Validating the Use of a Subjectively Reported Sleep Vital Sign

Sleep disorders are commonly under-recognized in the primary care setting and available screening tools are often are limited. The study inestigators hypothesize that the use of a novel subjective sleep vital sign (VS) will improve recognition of patients with sleep disorders and can be utilized to track outcomes to sleep therapy.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Sleep VS

During check in patients are instructed to complete the Sleep VS survey packet only. The Sleep VS survey packet will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. The packet includes the subjective Sleep VS and additional sleep questionnaires, such as ESS, FOSQ-10, ISI, and sleep-wake pattern questions. The subjective Sleep VS is composed of the following 2 questions: How many days a week are you satisfied with your sleep? How many days a week is sleepiness a problem?

Validating the Use of a Novel Subjectively Reported Sleep Vital Sign for the Identification and Management of Sleep Disorders