Aerobic Exercise Program in Migraine Management

Evaluation of an Aerobic Exercise Program in Migraine Management

This trial assesses the impact of a supervised aerobic exercise program by a kinesiologist in patients with migraine. Patients can be assigned to one of two groups 1)The exercise group or 2)non-exercise group. This is a important area to study because there is currently limited information regarding exercise and its impact on migraine frequency and severity. In many cases, migraine patients are disabled by their headaches and sometimes will not have a significant response to medications. As a result, it is important to study other non-pharmacological interventions. In this study, the investigators hope to show the benefits of exercise by a reduction in number of headache days per month as well as by improvement in quality of life, disability,depression,anxiety,and aerobic fitness.This study will not interfere with the usual treatment patients receive at our headache clinic and patients can remain on medications deemed necessary.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Aerobic exercise

Patients receiving exercise program in addition to usual headache care

Evaluation of an Aerobic Exercise Program in Migraine Management