Sleep and Inflammatory Resolution Pathway

Sleep and Inflammatory Resolution Pathway

Goal of this project is to investigate whether increases in inflammation that result from common patterns of restricting sleep on week nights and catching up on sleep over the weekend are caused by disruption in the newly discovered inflammatory resolution pathways. These pathways are crucial in the active termination of the inflammatory response, and their disruption may contribute to ongoing unresolved inflammation, which has been observed not only during periods of sleep restriction, but also after recovery sleep has been obtained. If the hypothesis is true, it is possible that increasing the body's natural production of endogenous, inflammatory resolution mediators may provide a non-behavioral strategy to limit the inflammatory consequences in those undergoing periods of sleep restriction with intermittent recovery sleep.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - Aspirin

81mg aspirin pill daily at bedtime over a 25 day period

Drug - Placebo

81mg non-active pill that looks like aspirin

Patterns of Sleep Restriction and Recovery: The Inflammatory Resolution Pathways