Papillary Balloon Dilation Versus Intraductal Lithotripsy

Papillary Balloon Dilation Versus Intraductal Lithotripsy

Our aim is to compare the efficacy, safety, procedural time required, and costs of a strategy initially employing cholangioscopy guided intraductal lithotripsy (laser/electrohydraulic lithtripsy (EHL)) versus a strategy initially using papillary dilation for removal of large bile duct stones.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Procedure - Initial therapy with papillary balloon dilation

patients will first undergo papillary dilation

Procedure - Initial therapy with intraductal lithotripsy

patients will first undergo intraductal laser or electrohydraulic lithrotripsy

Prospective Randomized Trial of Cholangioscopy Guided Intraductal Lithotripsy Versus Papillary Balloon Dilation for the Endoscopic Treatment of Large Bile Duct Stones