Effects of Sucralose on Drug Absorption and Metabolism

Effects of Sucralose on Drug Absorption and Metabolism (The SweetMeds Study)

Background: Artificial sweeteners like sucralose are found in many foods and drinks. Sucralose might affect hormones and cause health changes. Objective: To see if sucralose changes how medicines are absorbed and processed, how hormones are secreted, gut bacteria, and how fat cells are metabolized. Eligibility: People ages 18-60 who: - Are black or Hispanic - Weigh more than 110 pounds - Have a body mass index of 25-40 - Do not have a condition that requires drug treatment Design: Participants will be screened with: - Medical history - Physical exam - Blood, heart, and urine tests Participants must not eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners throughout the study. Over 7 days, Participants will answer questions, and give daily urine samples and 1 stool sample. Participants will repeat these throughout the study. Overnight Visit 1: participants will fast starting the night before. They will get breakfast at the visit. The visit includes: - An IV will be placed in the arm. Participants will get 2 tablets of medicines. Blood will be drawn several times over 24 hours. - A piece of fat tissue may be taken from the abdomen (biopsy). - Participants will have a sweet drink. Blood samples will be taken over 2 hours. Then participants will be randomly assigned to take either a sucralose capsule or placebo. They will take it twice a day for 2 weeks. They will complete two 24-hour food diaries. Overnight Visit 2 repeats Visit 1 except the biopsy. Then participants will take the capsules for another 2 weeks. Overnight Visit 3 repeats Visit 1. Participants may be contacted by phone within 4 weeks after they finish.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted


Sucralose is an organochlorine and is approximately 600 times sweeter than sucrose. Participants will receive sucralose (approximately 4mg/kg/day) or placebo by mouth in a capsule for 28 days. This dose corresponds to the amount of sucralose contained in approximately 3 or 4 twelve ounce cans of commercially-available diet soda for a 70 kg adult.


Placebo capsule will be taken orally for 28 days

Effects of Sucralose on Drug Absorption and Metabolism (The SweetMeds Study)