Health Outcomes Regarding Sexual Behavior

ANCHORS Study: UH2 Project

According to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, men who have sex with men (MSM), young adults, Black and Latino men and people in the Southern U.S. are at highest HIV risk and should be targeted with cost-effective, scalable interventions. The study team propose a synergistic mobile intervention to reduce alcohol and HIV risk in young adult MSM that combines 3 efficacious approaches.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted


Respondents meeting inclusion criteria will be informed they were selected for the longer survey and continue to the survey. Upon completion, the survey will generate a study identification (ID) that respondents will provide to study staff with additional contact information via phone, text or email to be compensated

Focus Group

After informed consent, participants will complete the web-based intervention component in development. Afterward, participants will be engaged by an experienced facilitator in a discussion of aspects of the intervention they liked and disliked and suggestions they have for enhancing its cultural appropriateness to young MSM.

Usability study

After informed consent, participants will utilize the mobile intervention in development for 30 days to establish usability, acceptability and correct any functionality issues.

Advancing New Computer-based Health Outcomes Regarding Sexual Behavior(ANCHORS) Study: UH2 Project