Diabetes and Depression Text Messaging Intervention

Diabetes and Depression Text Messaging Intervention

The main aim of the "Diabetes and Mental Health Adaptive Notification Tracking and Evaluation" trial (DIAMANTE) is to test a smartphone intervention that generates adaptive messaging, learning from daily patient data to personalize the timing and type of text-messages. We will compare the adaptive content to 1. a static messaging intervention with health management and educational messages and 2. a control condition that receives a weekly mood message. The primary outcomes for this aim will be improvements in physical activity at 6-month follow-up defined by daily step counts.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - DIAMANTE Adaptive

In a three arm randomized controlled trial we will examine the effect of a text-messaging smartphone application to encourage physical activity in low-income ethnic minority patients with comorbid diabetes and depression. The adaptive intervention group receives messages chosen by a reinforcement learning algorithm.

Behavioral - DIAMANTE Static

The static intervention group receives health information text-messages, typical of existing text-messaging interventions for diabetes and depression.

Improving Diabetes and Depression Self-management Via Adaptive Mobile Messaging