Tissue Collection for Aging Research

Gerontology Research Center Tissue Procurement for Biomedical Research

The need to obtain human tissue (blood, urine, saliva, sweat, pleural, pericardia\, ascitic, synovial, cerebrospinal fluids) for methods development and disease correlation is frequent in Gerontology Research Center laboratories. This protocol is to create the opportunity to obtain such tissue samples that have been obtained during the course of usual clinical care and would be discarded, or alternatively, to obtain such samples during subject and patient screening for other studies (in this case only blood, urine, saliva, or sweat). Information derived from such studies is for research purposes only and is not provided to the patient/subject or their health care provider. When genetic analyses are performed, samples will have been coded and identifying information linking patient/subject to the sample will be destroyed. Any genetic information obtained will have no established clinical value and will not be provided to the subject/patient or their health care provider. Patients included will be those 18 years or older and who have been identified by the investigator to have a condition of interest for exploratory studies related to the patient's illness or other feature that offers the possibility of creating information that leads to scientifically useful and important studies. Patients will be excluded if obtaining the sample would be over and above usual clinical care, would result in excessive blood loss, or the individual is unable to provide informed consent. The expected outcome is to provide the investigator the opportunity to obtain tissues of interest for laboratory evaluation with the goal of either better understanding a disease or to design a scientific study to better understand or treat a disease.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Tissue Procurement for Biomedical Research