Biobank on Pregnancy Complications

Biobank on Prematurity, Preeclampsia and Other Pregnancy Complications

The Biobank includes data and biological specimens of women from three original studies: 1) First-trimester Prediction of Preeclampsia (PREDICTION Study, NCT02189148), 2) Pre-Eclampsia And growth Retardation, an evaluative Longitudinal study (PEARL Study, NCT02379832), 3) Effect of Low Dose Aspirin on Birthweight in Twins: The GAP Trial (NCT02280031) and 4)PREDICTION2: Prediction of Preeclampsia and other Pregnancy Complications Following Combined Iterative Screening.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted


All women of the biobank have provided: blood samples (plasma, serum and Buffy-coat) urine samples demographic and clinical data (maternal age, BMI, smoking status, obstetrical and medical history) mean arterial blood pressure ultrasound examination (datation of pregnancy at recruitment, uterine arteries doppler, placental volume, nuchal translucency in the majority of the cases) access to medical record (for pregnancy/delivery outcomes, newborn birthweight, gestational age at delivery)

Biobank of Data and of Human Biological Samples on Prematurity, Preeclampsia and Other Pregnancy Complications