This is a single arm, single centre, investigator initiated study to investigate the use of FAZA-PET in combination with MRI. FAZA is an investigational radiotracer used in PET scans. FAZA PET/MRI will be used to measure hypoxia in sarcoma tissues of 14 patients who plan to undergo neoadjuvant radiation/chemotherapy treatment. After the FAZA PET/MRI scan, patients will be followed up via telephone, 48 hours after the scan, to see if there are any side effects due to FAZA. Patients may also be requested to repeat the FAZA scan after their standard of care radiation treatment.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Drug - 18F-FAZA

18F-FAZA is a radiotracer used for PET imaging (in combination with MRI) to detect hypoxia in tumours. This scan will be done before and after their radiation treatment.

A Prospective Study of Hypoxia Imaging in Patients With Soft Tissue Sarcoma Using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) With 18F-Fluoroazomycin Arabinoside (18F-FAZA) in Combination With MRI