Novel Screening Test for Maternal Insulin Resistance

Validation of a Novel Screening Test for Maternal Insulin Resistance

This will be a validation study of Quantose IR and Quantose IGT to predict insulin resistance and identify patients with prediabetes. This is a pilot study of 100 subjects. Based on the results of this initial trial, investigators plan to perform a larger trial at UTMB. Quantose IR is a fasting blood test for insulin resistance and prediabetes, and is clinically validated in non-pregnant individuals. The Quantose IR Score is based on three novel nonglycemic biomarkers, as well as insulin, and provides a comprehensive measure of insulin resistance. These analytes include: - I?-HB (I?-hydroxybutyrate): positively correlated with insulin resistance and indicative of early I2-cell dysfunction. - L-GPC (linoleoyl-glycerophosphocholine): negatively correlated with insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance. - Oleic Acid: positively correlated with increasing lipolysis and insulin resistance. - Insulin: increased insulin is characteristic of insulin resistance and is an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Quantose IGT is designed to estimate the risk of being IGT. It is calculated from a multiple logistic regression model based on the fasting plasma levels of: - Glucose. - I?a^'HB. - I2a^'HB. - 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoic acid. - LGPC. - Oleic acid. - Serine. - Vitamin B5. Participants in the study will be consenting to data collection and two visits for lab draw. The investigators will then evaluate the performance of the Quantose IR and Quantose IGT in the study population.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Diagnostic Test - Quantose IR and Quantose IGT analysis

Testing using Quantose IR and Quantose IGT: The blood draws will be timed to coincide with clinically indicated blood tests as much as possible (e.g. first visit labs, aneuploidy screening, gestational diabetes screening).

Diagnostic Test - HOMA IR the standard testing for insulin resistance

Testing using HOMA IR: Investigators will be measuring fasting insulin and glucose levels (last meal more than 8hrs before testing i.e. overnight fasting) from EDTA-plasma samples. After collection, the samples will be spun and plasma obtained. Samples will be stored until testing. The investigators will be using the following computation to calculate HOMA.

Validation of a Novel Screening Test for Maternal Insulin Resistance and Predicting Maternal Fetal Outcomes: A Pilot Study.