Blood Pressure Response to Sodium in the Diet

Blood Pressure Response to Sodium in the Diet

Previous studies have demonstrated that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the sodium-bicarbonate co-transporter gene (SLC4A5) are associated with hypertension. We tested the hypothesis that SNPs in SLC4A5 are associated with salt sensitivity of blood pressure in 185 whites consuming an isocaloric constant diet with a randomized order of 7 days of low sodium (Na+) and 7 days of high Na+ intake. Salt sensitivity was defined as a a?Y7-mm Hg increase in mean arterial pressure during a randomized transition between low and high Na+ diet. A total of 35 polymorphisms in 17 candidate genes were assayed, 25 of which were tested for association. Association analyses with salt sensitivity revealed 3 variants that associated with salt sensitivity. Of these, 2 SNPs in SLC4A5 (rs7571842 and rs10177833) demonstrated highly significant results and large effects sizes, using logistic regression. These 2 SNPs had P values of 1.0A-10a^'4 and 3.1A-10a^'4 with odds ratios of 0.221 and 0.221 in unadjusted regression models, respectively, with the G allele at both sites conferring protection. These SNPs remained significant after adjusting for body mass index and age (P=8.9A-10a^'5 and 2.6A-10a^'4 and odds ratios 0.210 and 0.286, respectively). Furthermore, the association of these SNPs with salt sensitivity was replicated in a second hypertensive population. Meta-analysis demonstrated significant associations of both SNPs with salt sensitivity (rs7571842 [P=1.2A-10a^'5]; rs1017783 [P=1.1A-10a^'4]). In conclusion, SLC4A5 variants are strongly associated with salt sensitivity of blood pressure in 2 separate white populations.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

High sodium diet and low sodium diet

Isocaloric diet with 60 mEq of potassium and 1gm protein/kg body weight with high sodium 300mEq; low sodium 10 mEq.

D1 and AT1 Receptor Interaction in Human Hypertension: Sodium Sensitivity of Blood Pressure