Mindfulness Treatment for Anger in Veterans with PTSD

Mindfulness Treatment for Anger in Veterans With PTSD

Research has consistently shown that Veterans with PTSD are more likely to experience higher levels of anger and commit aggressive acts compared to Veterans without PTSD. Given the significant negative impact that anger and aggression can have on the lives of Veterans, their families, and society at large, there is a great need to examine novel interventions that could decrease anger and aggression risk with this population. Mindfulness may be one such technique, given its effectiveness in assisting individuals in regulating difficult emotions and in decreasing physiological reactivity, which have both been implicated in PTSD and aggression perpetration. Findings showing that a mindfulness intervention is effective in reducing anger and aggressive behavior would be relevant for Veterans with PTSD experiencing such difficulties and would help prevent the detrimental consequences that can come from anger and aggression among these individuals.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

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Mindfulness Treatment for Anger in Veterans With PTSD