Bactericidal Gel to Promote Healing and Eliminate MRSA

Effects of MRSA Bactericidal Gel To Promote Healing and Eliminate MRSA in cSSTI Vancogel(TM)

Based on personal experience and the literature it is reasonable expectation that Vancomycin is a viable treatment in a direct contact form to eliminate MRSA from open wounds in order to heal the wounds by conventional means. The key question in my research has been to measure the effectiveness of my Vancomycin Gel by culturing the wound, applying the Gel in a controlled manner and then culturing the wound after one week. The end point to achieve in the process, is a clinical response of accelerated healing and negative culture report. Another question to solve is the duration of potency and stability of the Vancomycin gel over time.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - Vancomycin 1.25-1.50% in a complex gel formulation trademarked Vancogel(R)

Topical use for open wounds culturing out MRSA. One to three applications of the compound over a weeks time. Consists of Vancomycin 1.25-1.50% in a complex gel formulation.

Drug - Placebo, complex gel formulation without Vancomycin

Complex gel formulation applied as the placebo and is unknown because of the trial design. Complex gel formulation without Vancomycin

Topical MRSA Bactericidal Gel to Eliminate MRSA and Promote Accelerated Healing of cSSTI of Open Wounds