UV Exposure Assessed with Wearable Sensor and Sun Protection

UV Exposure Assessed With Wearable Sensor and Sun Protection

The goal is to prevent ultraviolet light (UV) overexposure by providing consumers with relevant, easy-to-access, specifically actionable information. This research proposal will develop a UV protection system consisting of an automated real-time counseling framework and a personal dosimeter that overcomes barriers to consumer adoption. These new, wearable sensors take the form of small (< 1 cm), thin (<0.1 mm), lightweight (<0.1 g), battery-free "stickers" that are fundamentally differentiated from other wearable electronics in their modes of use, cost structures and accuracy.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

A Real-time, Cost-effective, Accurate UV Measurement and Sun Protection System to Prevent and Reduce the Incidence of Sunburn in High-risk Consumers