Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor

Feasibility Assessment of the Blood Pressure Imager, a Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor

The investigators are developing Blood Pressure Imager (BPI), which is a new technology that does not require cuffs or expensive equipment, and can be used by untrained individuals in underserved, low-resource environments at their own homes or regional care settings. Over the last one-year the investigators have developed the BPI prototype, which is ready for testing. BPI is a wrist device that includes a camera, color lights and soft membrane with a reflective coating. In this device feasibility study, the BPI will be placed over the radial artery at the wrist with the help of a wrist strap. The primary purpose of this feasibility study is to compare the BPI with a commercially available cuff-based blood pressure measuring devices.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Development of the Blood Pressure Imager