Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for High-Risk Pregnant Women

Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for High-Risk Minority Pregnant Women

The overall purpose of this application is to evaluate the efficacy of an intervention designed to decrease health disparities in pregnant, emotionally distressed, minority women. This randomized controlled trial will test a six session (spaced over 18 weeks) cognitive behavioral skills building (CBSB) prenatal care intervention (specifically designed and based on prior research for pregnant minority women experiencing emotional distress) at two sites (Jacobi Medical Center, New York City and The Ohio State University Total Health and Wellness Clinic,Columbus, Ohio.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - COPE-P

Session 1 ABCs (A=Antecedent or Activator event, B=Belief that follows the event, C=Consequence: how you feel and how you behave). Session 2 self-esteem and positive self-talk, including ways to build self-esteem and the group provides examples of how to change unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Session 3 stress/coping during pregnancy. Physical and emotional responses to stress are discussed along with healthy snacking and healthy ways to cope with typical stresses. Session 4 planning, goal se more on

Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for High-Risk Minority Pregnant Women: A-RCT