Maternal Emotions and Diet in Pregnancy

Maternal Emotions and Diet in Pregnancy

This study seeks to understand how a mother's emotional state in pregnancy influences her biological response to food intake.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Trier Social Stress Test

Task instructions provided to subject (5mins), subject prepares speech on their strengths and weaknesses (5 mins), subject delivers speech before a stern evaluative committee while being video-taped (5 mins), subject completes a mental arithmetic challenge task before the evaluative committee with critiques if errors are made (5mins).

Behavioral - Placebo Non-stress task

Subject engages in a friendly conversation about a neutral or happy topic (e.g. recent holiday, favorite past-times) for 15 minutes with a familiar research staff member.

Prenatal Emotion-Diet Interactions and the Metabolic Response