Women's Heart Attack Research Program

Women's Heart Attack Research Program: Platelet Sub-Study (HARP)

This prospective observational cohort study, will investigate the platelet phenotype, platelet genetic composition, and role of platelets as effector cells in women with myocardial infarction (MINOCA or MI-CAD) and controls. This study, which will take place at NYU and Bellevue Medical Center, may have concurrent enrollment with the HARP Main Imaging (NCT02914483) and HARP Stress Ancillary Studies (NCT02270359). Additionally, a group of age and race matched disease controls 'CATH-NOCA' composed of women with stable angina referred for cardiac catheterization, will be enrolled. Blood obtained during the initial catheterization, 2 months post-MI, and following the stress study (for those participants enrolled in the stress study) will be utilized for platelet testing.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Women's Heart Attack Research Program: Platelet Sub-Study (HARP); Platelet Collection for Women With Myocardial Infarction