A New Treatment for Mechanical Nasal Obstruction

A New Treatment for Mechanical Nasal Obstruction

The research team has developed a prototype for an investigational mechanical nasal dilator and the investigators aim to evaluate its efficacy. Specifically, the investigators wish to address the following research questions: 1) How does mechanical nasal obstruction affect patients' lives? The investigators aim to answer this question with use of validated questionnaires. 2) How do currently available mechanical nasal dilators affect objective and subjective findings related to nasal obstruction? This will be evaluated with objective nasal airflow testing and with modifications to validated questionnaires 3) How does the investigational team's novel device affect these same outcome measures? 4) Do patients find the investigational device subjectively comfortable and efficient?

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Mechanical nasal dilator

Participants will be asked to trial 5 different mechanical nasal dilators. 4 of which are commercially available and one of which is the investigational device being studied for feasibility. The 4 commercially available nasal dilators include Breathe Right, Max Air, Sleep Right, Nozovent. The fifth device is the study team's investigational device dubbed the Schnozzle.

Assessing Mechanical Nasal Obstruction, a Potential New Treatment Option.