Male Contraception

Injectable DMAU for Male Contraception in Healthy Male Volunteers (CCN015)

This is a Phase I multicenter, double-blind, single dose, dose-ranging study, in healthy men to evaluate the safety and tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Dimethandrolone Undecanoate (DMAU) administered as an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - Dimethandrolone Undecanoate

Single doses of DMAU in castor oil/benzyl benzoate injections intramuscularly (IM) (80 mg, 240 mg, 480 mg, and 800 mg) or administered subcutaneously (SC) (50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg).

Drug - Placebo

Placebo injections that look like the DMAU injections but with no active ingredients

Injectable DMAU for Male Contraception: Safety and Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Single IM or SC DMAU Injection Dose Escalation Study in Healthy Male Volunteers