Yoga for Persistent Pain Related to Oncology Surgery

Yoga for Persistent Pain Related to Oncology Surgery

This randomized controlled trial will evaluate a yoga intervention for individuals who experience persistent pain following oncology surgery. The integrated yoga program will involve postures, breathing exercises, and concentration practices. Data will be collected at several time points (pre-, mid-, and post-intervention) for both the intervention and wait-list control conditions. The data will be analysed using linear mixed effects growth models. Results will be written up in manuscript format, published in a peer review journal, and disseminated at scientific research conferences.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Behavioral - Yoga Condition

Participants randomized to the Yoga Condition will participate in an integrated yoga program consisting of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and concentration/meditation practices.

Evaluation of the Transitional Pain Service Surgical Oncology Yoga Program for Individuals With Persistent Pain; a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial