Experimental Treatment for Neuroendocrine Carcinomas

Avelumab in G3 NEC

This is a single-center, single-arm, open-label, pilot trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of avelumab in subjects with unresectable or metastatic, Grade 3, poorly-differentiated neuroendocrine.carcinoma.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Drug - Avelumab

Avelumab will be administered intravenously as an infusion, at a dose of 10 milligram per kilogram once every 2 weeks, until occurence of progressive disease, unacceptable toxicity, or any of the other criteria for withdrawal listed in the protocol .

A Pilot Study of Avelumab in Unresectable/Metastatic, Progressive, Poorly Differentiated Grade 3 Neuroendocrine Carcinomas