Child Abuse - Online Learning Module for Providers

iLookOut for Child Abuse -Online Learning Module for Early Childcare Providers

Phase 1 was a randomized control trial that used a test-retest model to evaluate the impact of iLook Out for Child Abuse, an online, interactive learning module about reporting suspected child abuse. Delivered via a learning management system to early childhood professionals who work with infants and young children, this study assessed iLookOut's effect on 1) knowledge about reporting suspected child abuse; 2) attitudes toward reporting suspected child abuse; and 3) preparedness to protect children at risk. Findings from Phase 1 were that iLookOut will improved knowledge, changed attitudes, and increase self-reported preparedness of early childhood providers to report suspected child abuse. Phase 2 of this trial is an open-enrollment study that records pre-/post- data on the same measurements as Phase 1, and is available for use (free of charge) for all childcare providers in Pennsylvania at

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

iLook Out for Child Abuse

The online learning module is an interactive, multi-media, self-paced intervention.

Early Childhood Practitioner's Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect-iLookOut