Robot Aided Rehabilitation - Multi-Joint Evaluations

Robot Aided Rehabilitation - Multi-joint Evaluations

Sensory and motor impairments following stroke can lead to substantial disability involving the arm and hand. The investigator hypothesized that excessive local and cross-coupled stiffness, diminished individuation and proprioceptive acuity will be present among multiple degree of freedom in the upper limb. The stiffness and spasticity will increase with time post-stroke. The objective of this study is to quantify the progression throughout the arm and hand during recovery from stroke. The investigator will measure the clinical assessment scores, and neuromechanical properties including range of motion, active and passive cross coupling, and spasticity by the IntelliArm robot.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Robot-Aided Diagnosis, Passive-Active Arm Motor and Sensory Rehabilitation Post Stroke: Aim 1