Stress and Chronic Alcohol

INIA Stress and Chronic Alcohol Interactions: Glucocorticoid Antagonists in Heavy Drinkers

In alcohol use disorder (AUD) and matched healthy control (HC) men and women, the proposed research examines the effects of MIFE, with demonstrated preclinical effects on drinking-related behaviors, compared with placebo on a breadth of alcohol-related measures. All subjects will be randomized to daily MIFE or placebo. Before and during medication, AUD and HC subjects undergo fMRI scanning measuring resting-state functional connectivity and alcohol cue-induced brain activation focused on brain reward and stress pathways. All subjects are admitted to the Clinical Research Unit; AUD subjects undergo supervised alcohol withdrawal with daily measurements of alcohol craving and symptom severity. Using validated human laboratory procedures in AUD subjects, this study will examine the effects of stress on motivation to drink and alcohol sensitivity/reward as a function of GR antagonism.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - Mifepristone

Participants receive 6 doses.

Drug - Placebo - Cap

Participants receive 6 doses

Glucocorticoid Antagonists in Heavy Drinkers: Effects on fMRI Connectivity, Withdrawal and Drinking