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Safety and Feasibility of Imaging at 10.5 Tesla

This unique NMR instrument is the first of its kind, and the most advanced system that is capable of brain, torso and extremity imaging in humans at such a high magnetic field. It will be transformative in performance relative to 7Tesla, and significantly expand the capabilities of multinuclear MRI, fMRI, morphological imaging, MRS etc. in the human brain and body. In addition, to the known and potential benefits of performing anatomic and functional imaging studies at 10.5T, there are also known short-term side effects associated with subjecting humans to such high magnetic fields. This protocol will study the magnitude and variability of the short term and long term physiological, cognitive and vestibular effects while also assessing the feasibility of acquiring the types of data needed for translating research protocols onto this higher field strength scanner.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - 10.5 Tesla

10.5Tesla MR scan

10.5T Safety and Feasibility Study