MRI & Blood Biomarkers for Head and Neck Cancer

Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging & Blood Biomarkers for Head and Neck Cancer

The goal of this research study is to find out if using additional MRIs and biomarker testing can help researchers learn to predict how the tumor may change during radiation therapy. Biomarkers are found in the blood/tissue and may be related to participant's reaction to treatment. Biomarker testing in the study may include genetic biomarkers. This is an investigational study. MRIs on this study are performed using FDA-approved and commercially available methods. Having added scans and blood tests is investigational. Up to 100 participants will be enrolled in this study (up to 80 patients and up to 20 healthy volunteers in another part of the study). All will take part at MD Anderson.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Procedure - Biospecimen Collection

Undergo collection of blood samples

Procedure - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Undergo MRI scan

Quality-of-Life Assessment

Ancillary studies

Questionnaire Administration

Ancillary studies

Quantification of Tumor Imaging Kinetics and Blood Biomarkers in Head and Neck Cancer Patients