Celiac Plexus Radio-Surgery for Pain Management

Celiac Plexus Radio-Surgery for Pain Management

Many cancer patients, especially those with pancreatic cancer, suffer from severe lower back / upper abdominal pain. This pain is often poorly managed with standard treatments; the doses of painkiller required often induce side effects, whereas nerve block procedures (where a needle is deeply inserted into the back) are both invasive and of limited benefit. This clinical trial investigates a unique novel approach in which high-dose radiation (radiosurgery) is focused on the offending nerve bundle (the celiac plexus) in the posterior abdomen. Preliminary results from a single institution pilot trial are very promising: pain relief is substantial and side effects minimal. In this multi-center clinical trial, patients will be accrued and receive treatment at several international locations. Main aim of the study: Establish the safety and efficacy of the treatment in the multi-center setting. This trial will bring pain relief to cancer sufferers and improve current acceptable standard of care. The trial resonates with the Gateway mission of promoting new treatments that directly benefit people living with cancer, enhancing their wellbeing, and consequently decreasing the fear associated with a cancer diagnosis.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Radiation - Celiac Plexus Radiosurgery

patients will receive a single radiation treatment of 25 Gy directed towards the celiac surgery, and at the physician's discretion also abutting tumor

Celiac Plexus Radio-Surgery for Pain Management in Advanced Cancer Patients - a Phase II Trial