Neuroplasticity in Auditory Aging

Neuroplasticity in Auditory Aging_Project 2

Millions of elderly adults in the USA have age related hearing loss (ARHL), a malady that affects half of adults 60-69 years, and the majority of older adults. This hearing loss not only impacts communication and functional ability, but also is strongly associated with cognitive decline and decreased quality of life. This project aims to develop effective strategies to compensate and reverse this process through a deeper understanding of plasticity and adaptive auditory function, and how to engage it and harness it to remedy ARHL.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Auditory training: temporal contrasts

Behavioral training for 9 hours in listening to specific characteristics of acoustic signals. Listeners receive correct-answer feedback on each trial.

Neuroplasticity in Auditory Aging_Auditory Temporal processing_Project 2