Protective Stepping & MS

Protective Stepping & MS

Falls are common in Veterans with multiple sclerosis (MS), and current rehabilitation approaches to reduce falls are inadequate. Protective step training (in which a person is exposed to repeated "slips") is a promising tool to reduce falls in older adults. However, whether this approach is effective in people with MS is unknown. Investigating the effect of promising therapies, such as protective step training, will enhance our ability to treat Veterans with MS who are at risk for falls. Therefore, we will assess whether people with MS improve postural control and reduce falls through protective step training. we will also determine whether cognitive ability or brain structure can predict who will improve most. These data will inform clinical treatment strategies in people with MS at risk for falls.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Protective step training

Participants will undergo 2 weeks of training, in which they will be exposed to repeated slips on a treadmill. This approach is aimed at improving protective steps.

Protective Step Training in People With Multiple Sclerosis