Patient Satisfaction with Tiered or Versus Status Quo or

Patient Satisfaction With Tiered OR Versus Status Quo OR

Operating room (OR) costs consume a significant portion of hospital budgets. Standard or "Status Quo" ORs are equipped with the same, fixed set of assigned resources, regardless of case complexity or actual resource requirements. Allocation of resources in standard ORs is the same whether the participant is having heart surgery or bunion removal. The investigators propose a strategy for OR design and set up wherein resources are carefully matched to procedure complexity as a novel means of healthcare delivery. This prospective, comparative cohort pilot study will compare two operating room (OR) setup designs. The Tiered OR setup (study intervention) will be an efficiently staffed and equipped OR, geared to the complexity of the surgical procedure. The level of care provided would be equivalent to that of an out-patient day surgery setup. The Status Quo OR setup (control intervention) will be a standard fully equipped, fully staffed OR.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
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Patient satisfaction questionnaire

Patient satisfaction questionnaire

ACTION in the OR: Patient Satisfaction With High Efficiency OR Design in Orthopedic Surgery