Single Cell Genomics of Psoriatic Skin

Single Cell Genomics of Psoriatic Skin

The purpose of this study is to understand how genetics play a role in psoriasis. Specifically, a genetic allele HLA-Cw6 is known to be associated with psoriasis, and this study aims to find out how it affects genetic and protein expression in patients with psoriasis, compared to healthy people, at a single-cell level using a novel flow cytometry and RNA-sequencing protocol.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Procedure - Skin biopsy

Four 4-5 mm punch biopsies of the skin

Procedure - Blood draw

Blood will be drawn to test for HLA-cw6 status

Elucidating the Fundamental Differences Between HLA-Cw6 Positive and HLA-Cw6 Negative Psoriasis Skin Lesions, With a Comparison to Healthy Skin, at the Single Cell Level of the Infiltrated Immune Cell Types