Enhancing Adaptations to Exercise

Enhancing Adaptations to Exercise

Researchers are trying to understand how chronic inflammation affects muscle function and responses to exercise.They are also trying to determine if suppressing chronic inflammation using omega-3 fatty acids (n3-PUFA) restores skeletal muscle function and exercise responsiveness in older adults.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - n3-PUFA

participants will be instructed to swallow 2 softgels twice per day with meals (morning and evening) for a total of 4 softgels per day. The DHA/EPA softgels will each contain ~465mg of EPA and ~375mg of DHA for a total daily dosage of 3.4g/day. Additionally, each capsule will contain SCI's proprietary Advance Lipid TechnologiesTM (ALTTM) containing the surfactants polysorbate 80, NF (~381 mg) and poloxamer 237, NF (~8.8 mg).

Drug - Placebo

Patients in this group will be supplemented with placebo capsules containing soybean oil. Participants will be instructed to swallow 2 placebo soft gels twice per day with meals (morning and evening) for a total of 4 soft gels per day. The duration of the intervention will be 6 months.

Enhancing Adaptations to Exercise