Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence & help-seeking among Veterans and Family Members

Investigating the experiences and support needs of Canadian veterans and family members who have histories of exposure to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

This study is a partnership with the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families (Atlas Institute) and is being conducted with Phoenix Australia- Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health, at the University of Melbourne. There is little known currently about the experiences, preferences, and pathways to care for veterans and family members who experience IPV, particularly outside the U.S. Specific aims are to improve understanding of the experiences of Canadian veterans and veteran family members who have been exposed to IPV, including physical and non-physical abuse (including coercive and controlling behaviour), as well as their perceptions of service engagement inside and outside of the veteran-specific service system. These perspectives will help inform recommendations for help-seeking pathways for veterans and military families that experience IPV, and guide strategies to further enhance the responses of service providers to clients that have experienced IPV. This study is in English only.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted