Antibiotic Adherence Practices in Dermatologic Surgery

Antibiotic Adherence Practices in Dermatologic Surgery

This multi-center prospective observational cohort study will examine the prevalence of non-adherence along with analyze the risk factors of non-adherence for patients presenting to dermatologic surgery. Patients prescribed antibiotics will be invited to participate in the study and appropriate follow up to inquire about antibiotic usage will be conducted. All data will be collected and stored in a secured REDCap database managed by the Penn Dermatologic Surgery Clinical Research Team.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted


Patients will be asked to complete a 4 question survey assessing adherence. Follow up via patient's preferred method of contact will be conducted after the patient's intended antibiotic completion date and covariates for antibiotic regimens will be recorded including antibiotic type, number of doses, antibiotic duration, reason for non-adherence, pills remaining, and number of other medications.

Antibiotic Adherence Practices in Dermatologic Surgery: a Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study