Probiotics and Capsaicin Evoked Coughs

Probiotics and Capsaicin Evoked Coughs

Cough in asthma is a very common and troublesome symptom in asthma, which predicts severity and poor prognosis. Previous studies have shown that asthmatics have an exaggerated cough response to capsaicin. Currently available asthma treatment is not designed to target the cough reflex directly, so this presents an unmet need for patients. The treatment being tested in this study is the commercially available over the counter oral probiotic BioGaiaAR DSM17938. Based on clinical and pre-clinical evidence, it is hypothesized that TRPV1 antagonism with BioGaiaAR DSM17938 will result in a reduction in capsaicin evoked coughs in patients with asthma.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Dietary Supplement - BioGaia-DSM17938

2mL per day (1x10^9 CFU) per day taken orally for 28 days

Placebo Comparator: Placebo Control

2mL per day of placebo formulation taken orally for 28 days

A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial Investigating the Effects of DSM17938 on Capsaicin Evoked Coughs