Brief ROC Training Effects on Alcohol Drinking

Brief ROC Training Effects on Alcohol Drinking

The goal of the proposed study is to examine whether a single session of training in regulation of craving (ROC-T) affects alcohol drinking. The study will consist of (1) a basic screening (phone and/or online) and an in-person visit, to determine eligibility and conduct pre-intervention baseline assessments; (2) a training (ROC-T) visit, (3) a post-intervention assessment visit, and (4) 1-2 phone/online follow-up assessments. The study will take up to 10 hours of the participants' time.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Regulation of craving

Participants in the ROC-T condition will be trained to use a strategy that instructs them to think of the negative outcomes associated with alcohol drinking while looking at alcohol-related images.

Behavioral - Control (NO REGULATION)

In the CONTROL condition, participants would simply observe non-alcohol-related images and allow natural responses to come

Brief ROC Training Effects on Alcohol Drinking