In the Mirror: Functional Appreciated Bodies (IM FAB)

In the Mirror: Functional Appreciated Bodies (IM FAB)

The current project aims to examine the concept of promoting attention toward body functionality and gratitude using a weekly functionality-based mirror exposure and body functionality gratitude "journaling" text prompts three days a week for three weeks to examine whether this helps foster positive body image and decrease eating disorder symptoms in a sample of undergraduate females, a population at particularly high risk of body image dissatisfaction and consequent eating disorder development.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Mirror exposure and text prompt responses

Participants in the active interventions have three weekly mirror exposure sessions that are either guided with specific instructions as to where to look and how (only in functionality condition)

In the Mirror: Functional Appreciated Bodies (IM FAB): Piloting an Easily Disseminable Primary Prevention Program