Survey of the Facial Bacteriome

Survey of the Facial Bacteriome

The microbiome can affect skin health from the gut-skin axis, from environmental exposure, and topical treatments. Decreasing biodiversity of skin microbiota has been linked to inflammatory conditions, allergies, and skin health. This cross sectional study will be used to survey healthy volunteers and measure the density and diversity of skin flora of varying skin types. The aim of this study is to identify associations between the skin flora and characteristics of healthy skin types.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

fluorescence imaging with 405nm light

Each group will have images taken with an Health Canada approved device to capture images under white light and 405nm fluorescence with an mCherry filter. These images will not be used for diagnostics and will be analyzed for features which correlate to identified microbes from 16S RNA analysis and traditional microbiological technique. Groups are self identified by participants in order to capture a diverse population.

Survey of Diversity and Density on the Facial Bacteriome of Different Skin Types