Small Moments Big Impact (SMBI)

Small Moments Big Impact (SMBI)

Empathy is defined as sensitivity to the needs of others.Maternal empathy, or a mother's sensitivity to the needs of her child, is critical for healthy child development ,Small Moments, Big Impact: Supporting Maternal Empathy by Adding Media to Child Health Services (SMBI) will develop and pilot a media-based pediatric primary care intervention that aims to answer two Big Questions: 1) Can media sent by pediatricians to mothers from low-income backgrounds promote empathy? 2) Is there a feasible and scalable approach? If successful, SMBI will result in: 1) increased maternal empathy; 2) new evidence and knowledge about an effective approach for supporting empathy in mothers from low-income backgrounds; 3) acceptability, feasibility of administering, and therefore potential for scalability through standard pediatric care; 4) increased support of maternal empathy as a core component of pediatric care; and 5) increased support by other stakeholders (including medical professionals, child health care facilities, and funders) to further explore, expand, and ultimately rollout the intervention

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

SMBI digital app

Digital platform on the smartphone for the media package

Behavioral - media package

The SMBI app contains a <1 minute video of a mother and baby or just mother, a reflection question about the video, a few questions about their mood and stress, and some prompts and suggestions on what to do if they have problems.

standard newborn and infant care

Recommended standard pediatric primary care will be provided for infants up to 6 months.

Small Moments, Big Impact; Supporting Maternal Empathy by Adding Media to Child Health Services