Menstrual Phase and Smoking Cessation at a State Quitline

Menstrual Phase and Smoking Cessation at a State Quitline

Quitlines are efficient and cost-effective treatments for smoking cessation, yet little research has explored how to personalize and optimize quitline services for women. The goal of this project is to explore the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a quitline intervention that considers the menstrual cycle as compared to standard care for cessation. If funded, the results of this study will directly inform future research on quitline smoking cessation interventions for premenopausal women, including a full scale clinical trial.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Menstrual Cycle Timing

Quit date is set to menstrual phase.

Menstrual Cycle Timing

Menstrual cycle timing of quit date is monitored

Drug - NRT Patch

NRT patch is provided

Behavioral - Cessation Counseling

Cessation counseling is provided

Testing the Feasibility of a Novel Smoking Cessation Intervention by Timing Quit Dates to Menstrual Phase in a Quitline Setting