Evaluating a Primary-Care Group-Based Mindfulness Program

Evaluating a Primary-Care Group-based Mindfulness Program

The study evaluates the effectiveness of a group-based mindfulness program conducted in a primary care setting. This study also aims to identify any scale-up and implementation considerations for the program.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Behavioral - Mindfulness Group Program

The mindfulness program has the following aims (Iacono, 2018): to teach mindfulness skills for stress reduction, self-compassion, and dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions, to promote an integrative concept of health, which treats the whole person, to promote community building and positive relationships, and to capitalize on the power of groups to: Foster peer-to-peer learning and support when it comes to coping with life challenges Combat isolation Increase efficiency, quality, and time more on

Evaluating a Primary-Care Group-based Mindfulness Program