Fish Oil and Resistance Training on Muscle Mass and Function

Effects of Fish Oil and Resistance Training on Muscle Mass and Function

This study consists of a free-living, 6-week fish oil (FO) or placebo (PLA) supplementation intervention alongside participants' habitual resistance exercise training (RET) regimens. Twenty young, healthy resistance-trained subjects who do not currently supplement with FO will be recruited to participate. An eligible participant will be between ages 18 and 35 and will have a minimum of two years of RET experience. Participants will be randomized into a FO group and a PLA group. The FO group will supplement with 4g/day of FO (4g fish oil concentrate: 2g EPA+ 1g DHA) and the PLA group will consume 4g/day of coconut oil (saturated fatty acids), as administered via gel capsules, in conjunction with their current RET program. Prior to intervention all participants will complete baseline biometric, strength, and neuromuscular testing. Participants will also have blood drawn to test for omega-3 fatty acid status, and complete and return a 3-day diet record and a physical activity recall. In order to monitor adherence to supplementation, FO and PLA bottles will also be returned weekly and pills will be counted. 3-day diet records will be obtained to ensure calorie and protein intakes remain consistent throughout the intervention period. Weekly physical activity records will also help to ensure consistency of participant training and to make sure all participants are following their training regimes in a progressive fashion. Following 6 weeks of FO or PLA supplementation, subjects will repeat all initial biometric, strength and neuromuscular testing, as well as a second, post-intervention blood draw.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Dietary Supplement - Fish oil

Fish oil-derived omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (4g fish oil concentrate: 2g EPA+ 1g DHA)

Dietary Supplement - Coconut oil

Coconut oil (4g/d)

Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation in Combination With Resistance Exercise Training on Body Composition, Strength and Neuromuscular Function in Young, Resistance-Trained Individuals: A Randomized, Open-Label, Placebo-Controlled Trial