Circadian Misalignment and Energy Balance

Circadian Misalignment and Energy Balance

Preliminary findings from the investigators' lab suggest that circadian misalignment, occurring when meals and sleep are mistimed from one another, alters resting state neuronal processing in areas relevant to food reward and interoception; supporting a role of sleep and meal misalignment, on energy balance regulation. No study has been done to disentangle the effects of sleep and meal timing on body weight regulation, independent of sleep duration. This study will provide information to guide messaging related to timing of meals and sleep that can be translated to individuals whose sleep follows unconventional times, such as shift workers and those with jetlag and social jetlag.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Meal times

Meal times vary based on the arm: aligned or misaligned

Impact of Circadian Misalignment on Energy Balance Regulation