iControl Chronic Kidney Disease

iControl Chronic Kidney Disease

The proposed study is responsive to the call for obtaining enhanced preliminary data for an external grant resubmission. The goal is to demonstrate a novel approach using digital health tools to help preserve kidney function. The investigators aim to adapt a previous behavioral intervention and conduct formative testing among patients with CKD. Specifically, the investigators will: Aim 1: Modify an existing technology platform to build the iControl CKD system and adapt intervention content to reflect behavioral guidelines for patients with mild to moderate CKD. Aim 2: Conduct qualitative interviews and user testing among patients with CKD to obtain feedback on the design of the intervention. Aim 3: Conduct a prospective cohort feasibility trial to assess the feasibility and initial acceptability of the iControl CKD intervention.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - interactive Obesity Treatment Approach (iOTA)

The investigators will adapt an evidence-based digital health intervention to promote adherence to nationally recommended diet and physical activity guidelines for patients with chronic kidney disease. The intervention includes goal assignment, goal tracking, and skills training messages.

Using Digital Health to Improve Diet and Exercise Adherence for Chronic Kidney Disease Management