Mung Beans

Metabolic Availability of Methionine From Mung Beans in Healthy Young Adult Men

The research study is being done so we can determine the quality of the protein present in Mung beans. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein quality is determined by the amount of amino acids present and by their bioavailability (their absorption and use by the body). Some amino acids are essential which means they must be obtained from the diet. If any one of the essential amino acids is missing in the diet, the body cannot make proteins that are used to repair tissue build bone, teeth, etca?| Mung beans as a food source contain low amounts of the essential amino acid methionine which makes its protein incomplete. The amino acids in Mung beans are also affected by cooking. Our objective is to determine the amount of methionine in Mung beans that the body can use. We will test Mung beans by studying them after cooking them in a stew, on their own and by combining the Mung bean stew with rice or wheat in a mixed meal to make a more complete protein. This research is being done in order to bridge the gap between knowledge of protein requirement and the amount of food needed to meet that requirement. Results from this study will be important for recommendations guiding food choices of Mung bean as a major protein source in the diet. Previously the quality of dietary protein for human consumption was studied in animals. This study is being done in humans because studies in animals are not directly applicable to humans. Plant protein sources like Mung beans are important alternatives to animal protein in the diet. Plant protein consumption relative to animal protein can contribute to "enhance ecosystem resilience, and improved human health.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Dietary Intakes

Four levels of methionine intakes will be provided by the reference protein drinks, 3 levels of methionine from Mung beans and 3 levels from Mung beans with rice or wheat.

Application of the Indicator Amino Oxidation Technique for the Determination of Metabolic Availability of Methionine From Mung Beans, in Healthy Young Adult Men